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Welcome to IHC Rehab

To prolong life and relieve suffering.

Striving to achieve excellence in the field of chiropractic health and wellness care.

To develop and maintain the most modern, high tech, outcomes-based clinic that we can.



People get hurt! Chiropractic has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of treating your everyday aches, pains and injuries. We also treat WCB, RCMP, DVA and Car Accident claims.


The text book, Gray’s Anatomy, teaches us that; ``The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.`` (Gray's Anatomy, 29th ed., page 4). Chiropractic problems can adversely affect the function of your nervous system, so, a key component for maintaining optimum health and wellness, is regular Chiropractic care.


As a rehabilitation specialist, Dr. McLeod is well qualified to help you manage your chronic pain problems.


The daily rewards that we see in the Healing Centre make the day worth getting up for.  Here is a small sample of the people that we have helped over the years, and what they had to say about their progress.

SARAH, 1998

Sarah presented to the office complaining of chronic daily headaches. After 3 months of treatment, which included adjustments and neck exercises, the headaches had gone from daily to only rarely, and not nearly as severe.

Sarah’s Comments: I used to go through life feeling like I had a little man in my head with a hammer, and he kept hitting my brain over and over again. Dr. McLeod took away his hammer 😉


Yes, we are accepting new patients!

For our regular patients if you wish to book an appointment simply email us, please be sure to specify the day and approximate time, or call (780) 221-4608.  We will confirm with you ASAP.

If you have never seen Dr. McLeod please call our office at (780) 221-4608 to book an initial consultation.

The Immanuel Healing Centre Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic is located in Immanuel Lutheran Church, 10 minutes west of Stony Plain. Our beautioful pastoral setting is not only relaxing, it promotes a healthy, healing environment.

By Mail: PO Box 3189 Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1W3

To Visit: 5110 50 st, Stony Plain, AB, T7Z 1T4

Phone: (780) 221-4608

The Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic is part of the Immanuel Healing Centre. The healing centre also includes Christian counselling services.

Emergency Contact (780) 221-4608