Family Care

What is family care?
Chiropractic remains as one of the reservoirs of drug-free, surgery-free healthcare. That is to say we concern ourselves with what is called physical medicine. The goal of physical medicine is to attempt to stimulate the body to produce a healing response through natural means and to effect what medical doctors would call “spontaneous healing.” Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. is one of the best known medical proponents of natural medicine and has written a very interesting book regarding the nature of spontaneous healing and some of the ways we can help to elicit that through manual therapy, nutrition and herbals. A caution – Dr. Weil is not a particular advocate of chiropractic, but then nobody’s perfect.

The purpose of family care in our clinic is to help parents raise healthy children with as few drugs and as little surgery as is possible. We accomplish this goal by educating parents in regard to ways they can stimulate healing responses at home, advising them as to recognized guidelines for pharmaceutical intervention and through the chiropractic maintenance of optimal neuromusculoskeletal function. When your nerves work right, most other things work right as well.

I do not specifically discourage the use of medical care and pharmaceuticals, I just feel that these are very powerful and even dangerous forms of treatment which should be reserved for use when all of the less risky and more conservative types of care have failed. This position, by the way, is absolutely in keeping with all of the guidelines for health care which note that we should only move to higher risk treatments when the safer more conservative methods have failed.

Why should I have my children checked?
As the twig is bent so grows the tree.

Regular chiropractic checkups are helpful to monitor spinal development as children learn to sit upright, support their heads, learn to crawl, take their first brave steps and all the falls and spills that come with. Many experts believe that uncorrected spinal problems during early spinal development can cause the chronic hard-to-correct subluxations seen in adults.

“The best way to treat chronic pain is the prevent it.”
Randall C. McLeod DC FCCRS(c)

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