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A Personal Message from
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I ran across this quote the other day;

“The deepest, darkest places in hell are reserved for those who know, and do not tell…”      Voltaire

 Whether he is right or wrong, it left me with the conviction that I have something I need to tell. 

I had a patient who …

… had epilepsy and was getting progressively worse; until she got chiropractic care, then she got progressively better, and then she had no seizures at all.
… had constant ear infections, and a chronically perforated ear drum, now she doesn’t.
… could not get out of bed, not even to go to the bathroom, now she can.
… had so much pain from cancer that morphine wouldn’t work, then it worked.
… would repeatedly get high fevers, and no one knew why, now she doesn’t.
… who was dying of cancer and was afraid, we talked and prayed, then she wasn’t afraid.
… who received a healing from God.
… had kidneys that would bleed whenever she needed an adjustment.
… needed to take 20 Tylenol a day to control his pain, now he doesn’t.
… couldn’t work because of back pain, now they can.
… couldn’t think clearly because of a neck injury, now she can.
… couldn’t be intimate because of pain, now she can.
… couldn’t be intimate because of pain, now he can.
… couldn’t pick up their children, now they can.
… couldn’t walk up stairs, now they can.
… couldn’t ride their horses, now they can.
… couldn’t feel you touch her leg, now she can.
… couldn’t bear to have you touch her leg, now she can.
… was a singer and was losing her voice, now she’s not.
… was a singer and couldn’t take a deep breath, now she can.
… had very painful periods, now she doesn’t.
… couldn’t get pregnant, then she did (more than once).
… had chronic bladder infections, now she doesn’t.
… couldn’t eat or pee, 1 hour later, she did.
… could hardly breath, then he could.
… was losing the use of his hands, now he’s not.
… had severe colic, then it was gone.
… wasn’t able to suckle and nurse, then they could.
… was hospitalized with asthma twice a year, now he’s not.
… had to give up his career due to headaches, he’s got it back.
… couldn’t play sports, now he can.
… couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours, now she sleeps all night.
… couldn’t throw a ball for his dog, now he can.
… couldn’t go for a walk in the woods, now they can.
… couldn’t even fold the laundry, now she runs up stairs.
… could no longer golf, now she can.
… was fired because of his leg pains, now he’s working again.
… was completely unaware that something was not  right …

 All of these stories are representative of some of the real people, with real (and often very serious) health problems, that we have been blessed to be able to help, since starting practice in 1976.

Chiropractic, helping people to:

Live Better
Play Better
Think Better
Heal Better

Who do you know that is not seeing a chiropractor regularly?  Please share this with them, give them our phone number and urge them to call.

(780) 221-4608

 PS. If you still think that chiropractic is only about back pain, you might want to read this again.

Dr. Randall C. McLeod
Immanuel Healing Centre
Stony Plain, Alberta

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