Motor Vehicle Accidents

Why should I come in promptly after a motor vehicle accident?
In October 2004 Alberta changed the insurance protocols on minor injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident. If you present to a primary health care practitioner, such as a chiropractor, within 10 days of an MVA your insurance company is required to pay for up to 3 months worth of care.

The objective of these protocols is to ensure that people who are injured in collisions receive fast and effective treatment to support their recovery. The changes are the result of an extensive review of the current processes and requirements related to treatment and claims for minor injuries. Prior to the changes in the Insurance Act Regulations, individuals who were injured in a motor vehicle collision required approval from their insurer’s medical advisor before treatment and/or rehabilitation could begin. This could cause delays and disagreements over the type and extent of treatment required. Early diagnosis and treatment is known to speed up recovery and help individuals return to work and their normal activities of daily life.

The new process is designed to:

  • Ensure that individuals with minor injuries do not have to wait for approval from their insurance company before treatment begins.
  • Use the best available evidence to guide diagnosis and treatment
  • Provide and effective process for treating people with minor injuries while, at the same time, providing an avenue for review for individuals who are not recovering as expected.

This office provides care for MVA cases regardless of whether or not the patient chooses to be treated under the Alberta protocols.

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