Our Approach

How Do We Approach Your Care?

As a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist, Dr. McLeod takes a somewhat different approach to health care, and one that you may well have not encountered before. Our office utilizes the active managed care model as well as basing our treatment programs on specific patient outcome studies. We make every effort to sustain both an evidence based and patient based model of care.

The process of recovery through rehabilitation involves four steps:

  1. Restoration of joint motion
  2. Restoration of stability through muscle tone rebalancing
  3. Restoration of muscle strength
  4. Restoration of musculoskeletal endurance

These steps must be accomplished in the stated order and the success of each step is dependent upon the maintenance of the previous steps(s).

What does that mean to you?

Active Managed Care…
The process of active managed care is one of empowering the patient to effectively become their own primary caregiver. The doctor then becomes their instructor, mentor and coach as it were. To accomplish this in a holistic environment means that we not only provide chiropractic care, but we may also mentor our patients in regard to appropriate exercise, nutrition, thought processes and prayer life.

Outcome Based Care…
This is part of “evidence based care.” It means that we not only try to provide you with the types of care that, current research shows, has the greatest likelihood of giving a positive result; but also, that we monitor your progress with regular re-evaluations which show us exactly how you are doing. This test/re-test process allows us to accurately determine the effects of our care, that is to say, the “outcome” of our treatment.