Persistent Injuries

What constitutes a persistent injury?

Our bodies have an innate (inborn) healing mechanism. Under normal circumstances this mechanism will shepherd an injured muscle, bone or joint through a healing process and back to relative normalcy within a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Research tells us that chiropractic tends to shorten this process, as well as to help prevent future recurrences. Occasionally (about 15% of the time something in this healing process gets derailed and the tissues will no longer heal effectively.

The healing process can be derailed by inappropriate attitudes toward healing and rehabilitation, by inappropriate learned movement patterns, by nutritional deficiencies and even by compromised working conditions. No matter what derails the process, the result is the same… the end result is a persistent injury, or an injury that simply will not heal. What needs to be done for these types of injuries is for us to ferret out the principle cause, or causes, that are preventing normal healing from occurring and deal with them appropriately.

Persistent injuries frequently become the cause of true debilitating chronic pain and so their importance should never be minimized. If your injury is not well on its way to normalcy within 6 weeks, you should seek out a consultation with a rehabilitation specialist. By six weeks your persistent injury is well on it’s way to becoming chronic pain.

How does a persistent injury differ from chronic pail?
Although a persistent injury is a very common contributor to chronic pain, not all cases of chronic pain are the result of a persistent injury. In the purest sense, chronic pain begins as a symptom of an underlying problem but it then goes on to become THE problem. That is to say true chronic pain is not a symptom of a condition, it is a condition. The two tend to overlap somewhat so precise differentiation can be difficult.

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