Spine Pain

What is spine pain?
Spine pain is one of the most common afflictions affecting mankind. The research on this issue is abundantly clear, chiropractic is the treatment of choice for most cases of spine pain; including degenerative changes osteoarthritis and disc protrusions/herniations. However, approximately 15% of the cases of spine pain do not respond well to conventional chiropractic care. As we age, this number begins to approach 30%. Although the recommendation guidelines for care tell us that all spine pain patients should receive a rehabilitative, active managed type of care, it is particularly important that these chronic, unresponsive cases see a rehabilitation specialist. The current guidelines for Adult Neck Pain Not Due to Whiplash, advise us that the evidence supports chiropractic manipulative therapy for the treatment of this condition. These guidelines also note that this type of care showed much better improvement than daily stretching exercises and passive modalities such as ultrasound. You might be interested to know the the Ontario government study of spine pain concluded that chiropractors should be the “gate keepers” for back pain. That means this study recommends that all back pain cases should see a chiropractor first.

A large number of low back pain studies have been conducted in the context of WCB injuries in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. There have also been some very good low back studies done in England. The clear consensus of these studies shows that chiropractic care gets people back to work and life substantially quicker and at dramatically lower cost than other forms of care.

For spine pain chiropractic is the clear and certain treatment of choice, and for chronic spine pain, chiropractic rehab is your best starting point, don’t leave the best for last, see your chiropractor first.

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