Wellness Care

What is wellness care?
Treatment Definitions: Canadian Chiropractic Association (Glenerin 1993)

Maintenance/Preventative Care: Elective care given at regular intervals designed to maintain maximum health and promote optimal function. It may incorporate screening procedures designed to identify developing risk problems pertaining to the patient’s health status and give advice on the same.

  • Promotes wellness through continued active patient participation
  • Provides patient education

So if it ain’t broke, why fix it?
That all depends on how you define “broke.”

If by that you mean asymptomatic (not having any symptoms), then what you are really saying is that you believe that a disease or a condition’s onset is usually rapid and unpredictable, and that nothing can be done in regards to early detection or prevention.

In fact, one of the current major focus points in all of health care is prevention and/or early detection, because we have learned that most health problems are the result of a “process” of deterioration rather than an event. The earlier we find and alter the process the better chance we have of a positive outcome.

Some guidelines 

✓ Prevention is better than early detection
✓ Early detection is better than later
✓ Most conditions have no symptoms until they are well established (later)

Ignoring your health until you have symptoms is like never servicing your car until the trouble lights go on or the engine starts to knock. Not a very good way to promote longevity.

We firmly believe that regular health care is the best way to prevent disease care.

Tips to Keep Well for a Long Time.

✓ Maintain a purpose bigger than yourself
✓ Have a good faith life
✓ Give back to the world
✓ Maintain good family/social connections
✓ Live moderately
✓ Keep active
✓ Avoid/control high risk indicators

  • Smoking
  • Blood Pressure above 120/80
  • High Cholesterol above 200 mg/dL

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This information represents only a brief summary of the conditions discussed and is presented as a public service by the Immanuel Healing Centre. For this or any other health problems about which you have concerns please consult personally with a health care professional.